2020 HR Trends

Stefanie Rochford, CHRP, CRHA

  1. A positive employee experience
    Begins with the recruiting activities and interview process, the integration period (crucial and often neglected), skill development and training programs (talent management) and a positive and dynamic work environment (Chief Happiness Officer or CHO) all contribute to loyalty, motivation and employee performance.

  2. Teleworking policy and culture
    According to an Indeed study, 62% of Canadian employers offer teleworking that benefit to work-family balance, employee satisfaction, the hiring of qualified out of town or foreign employees and reduces real estate costs.
    A competitive advantage: 70% of Gen Z and Millennials (50% of the active workforce in 2020 according to Statistics Canada) are looking for employers who offer teleworking.

  3. The Employer brand
    Creating an employer branding by transforming employees to brand ambassadors to attract potential candidates on social media (LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter) as well as the creation of promotional videos on the corporate web site.

  4. Cultural Diversity policy

The Canadian Center of Diversity and Inclusion (CCDI) has created the “Diversity Sensus Tool” to produce diversity and inclusion metrics to employers.
Emploi Québec has also produced a Practical Guide and a «Diversity and inclusion barometer» questionnaire enabling employers to produce a diagnostic of their current situation.

  1. Customized employment offers and work conditions
    A trend is emerging in personalising job offers and work conditions in a very competitive employment market which also becomes a competitive advantage, increases employee satisfaction and the retention rate.