2021 HR Trends

Stefanie Rochford, CHRP, CRHA

1. Quotas for women and diversity on corporate boards
California has signed a new law for diversity on boards of publicly traded companies in 2021 to have at least one racially, ethnically or otherwise diverse director. This number will increase to 2 or 3 by 2022 depending on the size of the board.
A new law also has been passed in Germany requiring a 30% quota for women in 2021. Currently France, Belgium, Iceland, India, Israel, Italy, Norway, Pakistan, Spain and California (USA) have legislated quotas for women on corporate boards of publicly listed companies.

2. Hydrid work conditions and remote working beyond 2021
According to McKinsey and Company, work has been transformed permanently and WFH (work from home) and WFA (work from anywhere) will be the next normal.
Similarly in industry, Facebook is looking for a director of remote work as it prepares for the future.

3. Bill C-65 : Prevention of harassment and violence in the workplace
Important amendments to the Canada Labour Code has been passed as of January 1, 2021 expanding the Workplace Harassment and Violence Prevention Regulations increasing it’s obligations to all federally regulated employers.

4. HR as a strategic partner
Global human resources teams have played a crucial role in business continuity planning (BCP) in 2020 and will occupy more strategic responsibilities in the long term. They will be required to become Agile and redesign work for wellbeing and implement the new work reality of the future.

5. The AI interview
Interviews with a chatbot are currently being used for pre-screening candidates, assisting in mass recruiting and to automate interview scheduling. AI will continue to transform the hiring process of the future.