Top 5 qualities sought by employers in 2020

by Stefanie Rochford, CHRP, CRHA

The labor market is changing rapidly. In addition to the worldwide pandemic, we are currently experiencing a labor shortage that has been very seldom experienced in the last century and now in all sectors and levels of hierarchy.

Despite this reality, the employers of choice remain very selective. We are seeing trends in the skills sought and valued in this pivotal period.

1 Adaptability

In an increasingly complex and changing technological, economic and political context, a company’s success criteria depends on its ability to adapt to changes by hiring candidates with these skills.

2 Collegiality

The popularity of teleworking combined with a more complex, multi-generational and multi-ethnic work environment is driving employers to value teamwork skills, effective communication, interpersonal skills and emotional intelligence.

3 Expertise

In order to face a more competitive economic context related to globalization and the rapid evolution of technologies, expertise is valued as well as an interest in professional development and continuing education.

4 Sense of ethics

Since the financial scandals, the increase in information technology security breaches and the non-respect of environmental protection laws as well as the recent media coverage of sexual harassment cases, we have seen a rise in financial, accounting and environmental regulations, and more recently the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) standards on personal information are factors that motivate employers to value integrity as a personality trait.

5 Humility

Humility is valued at all hierarchical levels including management and executive positions. Employers value strong leadership skills combined with a sense of humility allowing, among other things, to admit his mistakes openly to his colleagues and learn from them.