Illegal interview questions

The talent war and the labour shortages that are increasing are major challenges for employers that are looking to recruit qualified candidates while managing demanding deadlines.

Employers must evaluate core competencies but also are very motivated to learn the interpersonal profile of the candidate and whether or not there is a fit with the corporate culture and their values.

There is unfortunately an increase in doubtful and illegal recruitment practices that being used.

As an example, a Fast Company article entitled « Some companies are reinventing the job interview in some weird and possible illegal ways » describing a pre-selection recruitment process comprising of gym sessions and baseball games for potential candidates.

Fortunately, the Canadian Human Rights Act was created to allow equal opportunities to all individuals and to prevent discrimination. This Act also applies to the interview process to avoid discriminatory practices.

This Act prohibits questions in the interview and hiring process based on:

• religion
• national or ethnic origin
• age
• marital, family status and pregnancy
• sexual orientation and gender identity
• place of residence
• political convictions
• health and disability

Interview questions that have no direct link with the job requirements and key competencies are illegal.

Knowing that your future employer has overlooked this fundamental right, the decision remains yours to pursue or not a company that is already showing its values.

Stefanie Rochford, CHRP, CRHA